Knowing Jesus' Love

Through the Whole Word of God.

“Your teaching gives me hope!”


 - Jenna R.

Eternal Blessing

Thank you so much for this class! I always look forward to Tuesdays! You have been a blessing!

- Jessica J.


“It gives the audience so much value seeing God’s design for the whole picture of history. It gives a sense of significance that everyone is important. Jeff makes complex concepts easy to understand.”

- Mike R.

Life Changing

Jeff Swanson’s Ministry ignited a fresh hunger to understand the things of God in a way that was inviting & enjoyable. Thank God for Jeff and his careful diligence to serve the Lord & His people.

- Logan O.

Teen Challenge

Dr. Jeff Swanson

Jeff was raised in a traditional church by two loving parents. However, as a teenager he found his beliefs challenged by two throne room encounters: one with the Lord Jesus Christ and one with Satan himself. Now with Jeff's eyes open to the reality of two kingdoms, it began a quest for truth. This quest would ultimately culminate in the mandate of his life: publishing with The Plan Bible. More than just a Bible, the Lord led him in ordering the entire word of God into a timeline: Past, Present and Future. It's design counter the enemy's strategy for this generation which is to change the set times (Daniel 7:25,11:27b). This was done over 30 years by studying the chronology of Bible history and collating five sources of published Bible prophecy commentators for Biblical events yet to come. This work demonstrates the divine origin of God’s Word by color coding Bible prophecies and linking their declaration to their fulfillments. When finished the Lord admonished Jeff that he had fulfilled the Scripture of Isaiah 34:16-17.

After publishing The Plan Bible, the Lord called him into ministry where he has seen signs, wonders and miracles confirming the calling. His passion is preparing the Bride of Christ to be with Jesus forever (Rev 19:7). Today Jeff and his wife Pam travel, teaching the ‘Whole Word’ of God. His classes are available to everyone online at PlanBible School. Jeff and Pam reside in the Tulsa OK area where they successfully homeschooled their three children, all awarded college honors.